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1. Do you have scheduled line-runs to casinos?

No, we do not.

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2. How do I know which meals are included in the price of my tour?

On multi-day tours, included meals are indicated by: B (breakfast), CB (continental breakfast), L (lunch), D (dinner) at the end of each day of the itinerary. On one-day tours, the itinerary will indicate when a meal is included.

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3. What’s included in the price of a multi-day tour?

Quality lodging, transportation, baggage handling, meals that are listed, admissions to listed attractions, taxes, and applicable vendor gratuities. Gratuities to chambermaids, Perkiomen drivers and Perkiomen escorts are not included.

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4. Can you provide guidelines for tipping the motorcoach driver and escort?

We feel that the driver and escort gratuities should be extended on an individual basis, determined by the quality of the service provided. Following are some published tipping guidelines.

Source: Consumer Reports Travel Letter

For both domestic and international tours, tips generally range from $2 to $8 per person, per day for a tour escort or director and $1 to $5 per person per day for a driver.

Source: CNN / Money, The Emily Post Institute’s “Itty Bitty Guide to Tipping” and

Bus Tours:

One-day trips, guide and driver: 10% - 20% of the cost of the tour.

Extended tours, guide and driver: $1-$10 per person per day.

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5. Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Perkiomen recommends that all customers traveling on multi-day tours consider purchasing trip interruption and cancellation insurance or tour protection (where offered) at the time of reservation. Many things can happen prior to or during a tour which might create the need to cancel or interrupt your vacation. Buying reasonably priced protection and/or travel insurance can help ensure that you get back as much as possible. See Tour Protection and Travel Insurance information accessible from our home page or ask a Perkiomen reservationist for details.

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6. Where are your pick-up locations?

Click on the Departure Points option on our home page for pick-up locations.

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7. I live quite a distance from your office. Is there a hotel at which I can stay overnight the night before my tour and then board in Pennsburg?

Yes, Perkiomen is happy to assist individuals who must travel long distances by arranging pre and/or post tour hotel accommodations if desired.

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8. Do you rotate seats on a multi-day tour?

Yes. In order for all passengers to enjoy the motorcoach as equally as possible, assigned seating and seat rotation is practiced on multi-day tours.

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9. How far in advance should I book space on your tours?

We understand that it is often difficult to plan your vacation far in advance; however, we encourage you to make early reservations on all tours in order to guarantee that you will be confirmed. We must let hotels, theatres and many other attractions know how many passengers are on our tours, and to pay the admissions sometimes as early as six months in advance! If we have no or few bookings on a tour at that time, we are forced to cancel it or lose our deposits and payments. Such a situation is very disappointing to us, but also to those of you who may call for reservations one or two weeks before a trip is scheduled. The earlier our customers make their reservations, the less likely it is that a tour will cancel.

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10. How much luggage may I bring?

Each person is allowed 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag. On occasion, additional luggage may be allowed on trips which are 11 days or longer.

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11. What are the size restrictions for luggage?

Please limit each bag to no more than 45 pounds. It is also important that the overall dimensions of your bag be reasonable. Keep in mind that over 40 passengers might be traveling with you and everyone’s luggage must fit. Your carry-on bag must be able to fit in the overhead compartment. The overhead compartments on motorcoaches are not necessarily the same size as those on air planes. The average motorcoach compartment size is 8" high X 19" wide X 15" deep. Please be sure that your bag fits these dimensions.

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12. How can I pack more efficiently?

Follow these helpful hints to help you pack more efficiently:

Use lightweight luggage if possible.
Pack sample sizes of toiletry articles (shampoo, hairspray, deodorant, etc.)
Don’t over pack. Often, on longer trips, laundry facilities are available.
Take clothing that can be worn more than once by mixing and matching. Coordinate your wardrobe around one or two basic colors.
Pack shoes that can be worn with many outfits.
After you are finished packing, test the weight of your bag. If it weighs more than 45 lbs., please remove items to keep it under 45 lbs.

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